Bullet Rubber

EPDM rubber floor systems are for workout gyms, sports courts, swimming pool patios, sidewalks, as well as spaces for livestock and performance animals. Wet or dry, they make comfortable, safe, clean, and durable surfaces.

Ultimate hoof safety

Safety and comfort is the name of the game! Bullet Rubber Flooring is unique in its design, allowing you to focus more on your animal and less on the fatigue and strain of their joints resulting in better overall health and performance.

Bullet Rubber aids in force reduction, and soft tissue preservation in your equine athletes. We all know the more comfortable they are, the better they perform!

Key benefits of Bullet Rubber:

Bullet Rubber Flooring is ideal for:

Transforming your floors

Bullet Rubber is designed to be clean and safe while protecting your floor. Residue from urine, waste, and mineral deposits wash off with ease. No more picking up those heavy rubber mats to ensure you get the best clean floor. For ultimate protection of your animal and surfaces.

Whether you are headed to a team roping, barrel race, cutting show, or going to gather a pasture to brand, we are devoted to help keep your athletes in their best shape.

It truly is the best surface under hoof!

“Yarborough Surfaces went above and beyond for this floor! Completely level, no nooks for anything to get built up in and so easy to spray and wash completely out."

Bullet Rubber colors

Bullet Rubber offers a range of different colors to choose from. Mix and match colors to get the color scheme you will love. Add a design to your floor to make it your very own masterpiece!

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