Epoxy & Resinous Flooring

Bringing success to the high demanding conditions of the manufacturing, dairy, meat, food processing, restaurant, and medical industries. Protecting surfaces from deterioration is what we do. Knowledge of need, and a strong range of products gives our projects a long successful life of performance.

High-performance flooring with no downtime

Yarborough Surfaces has flooring systems, combined with expertise, to provide the best product to fit the needs of your facility and timeline. We provide a range of product solutions that contain high resistance to chemicals, heat, cold, and impact that will fit the needs of every agricultural business.

Our systems include many variations of EPOXY, URETHANE CEMENT, and MMA.

No matter what your needs are, we can insure you remain in operation and sustain profitability.




easy cleaning


Success in high demanding conditions

We offer full consulting services during the design phase to help our clients get the maximum performance out of their investment. We are not just applying a finish surface at the end of a project, our goal is to make sure our high performance surface is applied to a well prepared plan.

Our products and services are backed up by decades of knowledge and integrity. The success of our clients is paramount to our growth and success.

Providing the toughest physical properties that out-perform all competition:

Our products are perfect for:

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Transforming your floors

Commonly used chemicals such as Chlorine Dioxide, acids in milk, meat, and produce products will cause rapid damage to concrete without protection. Bullet Coatings will provide a clean surface prohibiting damage from everyday abuse.

Bullet Coating products will provide a safe work environment, and lowering if not eliminating employee slip/falls causing injury and lost production.

“Yarborough Surfaces was extremely helpful throughout the entire flooring process. They went the extra mile to make sure that we were happy with the end result. The floor in our creamery looks awesome and has held up really well in very tough conditions.”
Project: Armagh Creamery

Quartz colors and blends

Our coating products include epoxy, urethane, and MMA systems all designed to withstand the harsh conditions of dairies and food processing.

Each system contains qualities to offer superior performance to meet the needs of every unique operation.


Done fast and right, the first time, every time

Our expertise and knowledge pays dividends in time saved for management and construction schedules. It’s why general contractors, project leads, and facilities managers trust us to bring their ideas to life.


Over the phone or in-person, we’ll meet to better understand your project, needs, and timeline.


Leaning on our decades of experience, we identify the right materials and installation techniques.


With Yarborough Surfaces, know your project will be finished ahead of schedule with 100% satisfaction.